Investor Flows – Strong Start to October

Arbor Data Science  •  Weekly Reports  •  October 4, 2022

US government funds have eclipsed other asset classes drawing 55% of positive flows in the past month. The stock market battering last week was enough for some investors to buy back in sending Large/Mid-cap and Broad Equity funds’ share of flows back up to 40%.

Government flows on a rolling 1-month basis were just under $23 billion. Over half that came from no restriction maturity funds, a category made up of largely ultra-short-term.  No surprise to see that investors are increasingly turning to T-Bills.

TIPS funds last week saw out-flows nearing $1.8 billion. 

Additionally, other inflation-friendly asset classes saw sizeable outflows with real estate seeing the largest quantity after TIPS. 

Corporate bond funds drew moderate in-flows last week with Investment Grade flows totaling $440 million while High Yield flows were $1.38 billion.