Bianco Research

Jim Bianco and his staff specialize in macro investment analysis for the institutional investor. Bianco provides qualitative and quantitative overviews of the economy and the fixed-income, equity, currency and commodity markets.



Original, highly visual analysis and commentary on the day’s top stories


Charts of the Week

Graphical tour of the latest themes and opportunities in the financial markets


Conference Calls

Live webcasts, short videos and interviews highlighting the week's biggest themes


CoT Report

Unique graphical approach to positioning in future and options markets

Arbor Data Science

As a complimentary offering to Bianco Research, our Arbor Data Science group provides daily data-driven analysis to the institutional clients of Arbor Research & Trading. Our team of data scientists draws upon broad experiences derived from years spent examining pattern recognition while also providing risk management services to our clients. Their work is frequently featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg and other financial media.


Daily Data Points

Our take on pertinent themes of the week, updated regularly


Weekly Reports

Our weekly reports include: Commodities, Credit, Cryptocurrency, Inflation, Investor Flows and Supply Chain

Arbor Quantitative Analytics

Arbor Quantitative Analytics ('AQA') offers clients a set of tools to measure market momentum and evaluate the persistence of trends. An unbiased and consistent methodology sets AQA apart from other forms of technical analysis. The multiple time frame nature of AQA's approach appeals to both the day trader and long term investor alike. AQA uses a unique pattern recognition approach to calculate how often support and resistance zones were tested and held under similar conditions.

AQA offers coverage of a broad range of global interest rates, spreads, equities, currencies, commodities and credit markets. Daily reports highlight support and resistance zones for multiple time frames. Daily market commentaries offer unfiltered conclusions and actionable trading opportunities.


AQA Charting

Compares current market characteristics with corresponding observations from the past


AQA Probabilities

Provides zones and probabilities across numerous global markets including fixed income, equity, commodity and currencies

The King Report

The King Report offers an independent analysis of global, political, financial and economic factors that influence global markets in short, intermediate, and long term horizons. The report is the daily basis of many institutional 'morning meetings' and is often cited by leading investment letter writers and financial columnists. The author, Bill King, is a Wall Street trading veteran of 35 years.

Talking Data Podcast

Our Talking Data Podcast Series offers timely insights into market themes while providing deeper dives into the data behind the charts.